e-LabFTW (an elab notebook) is now available for MARIE researchers!

There is a need for secure and reliable documentation of both the data and protocols. With electronic
laboratory (learning) notebooks, scientists can enter, store, and share their data as appropriate. The
technology provides greater security, accuracy, and reproducibility of the work. Can’t remember what
laboratory instruments you used in that experiment five years ago? A quick search gives you the answer,
rather than having to flip through volumes of pages.

To access eLab-MARIE, please refer to the below link:

To create your account, if not provided through your institution, please write your request to:


You may join the e-LabFTW hands-on workshops provided by the Research Data Services-UDE through
the following link:

Helpful user guides can be found at:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Yaser Alashloo at: