Project Z03 (INF-Project) – “VERIE for MARIE”

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Thomas Kaiser, UDE / Dr. Stephanie Rehwald, UDE / Prof. Dr. Ilona Rolfes, RUB

The INF-Project “VERIE for MARIE” links the practical implementation of the FAIR Data Principles with the VERIE philosophy of MARIE, according to which all scientific results of the individual methodological sub-areas are systematically compared and linked.

In the course of the 1st funding phase it became more than clear that a supporting infrastructure is needed to facilitate and structure the consolidation, combination and shared access to data for MARIE's scientists.

For this purpose, VERIE will build the central information platform VERIE-Data for MARIE’s researchers, which will offer simplified enrichment with metadata for shared data as well as documentation tools such as electronic lab books or Jupyter notebooks.

The long-term vision is to create a public knowledge database MARIE-DATA for Terahertz technology and research.

VERIE closely cooperates with UDE’s Research Data Services and is supported by RUB’s IT.Services.